Here are my three opinions about the genres I write in for this website.

  1. I like poetry because it makes me think about whatever it is that the poem is about. It makes me wonder about things that I take for granted and I think that the only reason someone shouldn’t read poetry is because they do not want to explore the world of being and thought.
  2. I love to read and write fiction, most especially fantasy and science fiction. I need to improve on making the length of a story shorter than I usually do. I admit it, I get caught in the details. My favorite authors are Cassandra Clare and Mercedes Lackey, followed closely by Kathleen Fuller and Robert Jordan who are tied.
  3. I get asked all the time about my autism and how I can see the world the way that I do so I choose to show it through my own experiences and thoughts.

Enjoy what my team and I have here and don’t be afraid to debate with us on what we are saying, our messages, and whatever you want to talk with us about.


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