Update with Beth

Hi, Beth here using asbgirl12’s account to post here. I have lost my password and cannot get into my email so we will use the same account for a while, until I can get my password and email back. Yay! My book of short stories is titled Torn to Rags and Other Short Stories and is available for pre-order on Amazon. The other two stories are Street Runners and Mark and the Elk, as asbgirl12.

ASBgirl12 and reviews/analysis

Sometimes people think that review and analysis are the same thing but they are not. I do reviews on my site whereas on Beth Bayless’s site Creative Writing is a Major, she talks more about analysis. Analysis is picking something apart for the meaning and reasoning behind something. A review on the other hand is reading/watching something and going through it, giving reasons why you like it and why you don’t. A great way to show this is to look at two you tubers, MLP Silver Quill and Lilly Peet. They both look at the same content so far as MLP FIM goes but Silver Quill does reviews for the most part. He does character analysis on the main characters occasionally but not as a focus. The latter, Jerry as addressed in the videos, does analysis for a majority of their content. The three of us watch the two of them because we want to hear their opinions and see how they put things together.

Why have none of us published in a while?

Graduations and preparing for college in all of our cases. In my case in addition to that, I have only now gotten a replacement for my old laptop. Bulldoggirl is thinking about deleting her site and permanently coming over to the others as a way of looking to admin. Sorry for not posting in so long. This is asbgirl12, signing off for a while longer on here. Have fun.