I have a Patreon!

Beth here. I have made a Patreon page so that I may continue doing what I do. If you want to support me so I may entertain you more, go to patreon.com/bethbayless and give me however much money you want me to. Thanks.


We Have Returned

Beth here, It has been a while since anyone posted last and/or updated the site. That is because Anna has become a workaholic, I have been working and going to school, and bulldoggirl has been unable to work on anything due to a broken hand. So. I am back and Anna will have a day off tomorrow to update things and put more things on the site. Thank you for your patience and welcome to the new additions.

ASBGIRL12 with an update

Hi there, I am here to say that Beth will be posting more poetry soon. She is getting slammed with tests and I am trying to find more work to do. I will post again tonight, in the form of a poem. It may be a bad poem, but it will be a poem.


I (Beth) am doing an event on Facebook for a talk with the author. I will be talking about my writing for the site and about Torn to Rags. It is a public event Sunday September 10th at 7pm. I will be going live then.

ASBGIRL12 here with a notice.

To those of you who only see the website, we now have a Facebook page! Created yesterday by Beth Bayless, the page will have updates on poetry and you will get a chance to see Beth Go Live once a week. Be warned, if she does not know you personally, she will not accept your friend requests. She will go live every Sunday afternoon. She will let you know if that will be changing. I am going to be doing some of my pieces on here so look out for mine. I am trying out some poem techniques that I have learned. We are both looking for feedback from you guys. I hope you enjoy!

Next Book to be Made

Thoughts is the next book I (Beth) will be publishing once I am done adding poems to it. Those poems include the following:


Avalanche of Arrows


Content With This Love




Let Me



Pull the Trigger


Swinging Girl

Eye of the Innocent



I will remove these pieces when I get them published. I will be altering some of them but I will make sure to release these copies in a book of beginnings later on, perhaps my senior year.


Beth with something someone asked me.

Hi, this is Beth, now moved into my dorm. I know not a whole lot of people read this blog but I would like to answer a question here that I have already answered IRL. A girl in my class asked me why I show pride in being autistic when I am using my pseudonym Beth Bayless but not when I was being “the Real me”. I told her it is because I can hide behind my false name and people will only see an author with a quirk. Then, when I am not behind it, people give me pitying looks, looks that say ‘is she going to throw a tantrum here and now?’, looks that say that they think I am just looking for attention, so on and so forth. Then, people aren’t usually educated about autism as thouroly as the ones who are autistic or are extremely close to someone who is. By definition, autism is a mental condition, present from early childhood, characterized by difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people and in using language and abstract concepts. I have difficulty with some things but not communicating. My problems that stem from my autism often have to do with showing MY emotions and I have trouble seeing the subtle signs of what another is feeling. I don’t like how I am treated and I am honestly scared when I tell someone. I don’t know how they will react. I don’t like how I am often faced with a million questions about how hard it is to be autistic. I don’t know what it is to come out of the closet seeing how I am straight but I imagine that those people have the same thoughts when it comes to coming out of the closet. If you have more questions about autism, I will answer them here.

Update with Beth

Hi, Beth here using asbgirl12’s account to post here. I have lost my password and cannot get into my email so we will use the same account for a while, until I can get my password and email back. Yay! My book of short stories is titled Torn to Rags and Other Short Stories and is available for pre-order on Amazon. The other two stories are Street Runners and Mark and the Elk, as asbgirl12.

ASBgirl12 and reviews/analysis

Sometimes people think that review and analysis are the same thing but they are not. I do reviews on my site whereas on Beth Bayless’s site Creative Writing is a Major, she talks more about analysis. Analysis is picking something apart for the meaning and reasoning behind something. A review on the other hand is reading/watching something and going through it, giving reasons why you like it and why you don’t. A great way to show this is to look at two you tubers, MLP Silver Quill and Lilly Peet. They both look at the same content so far as MLP FIM goes but Silver Quill does reviews for the most part. He does character analysis on the main characters occasionally but not as a focus. The latter, Jerry as addressed in the videos, does analysis for a majority of their content. The three of us watch the two of them because we want to hear their opinions and see how they put things together.