Update with Beth

Hi, Beth here using asbgirl12’s account to post here. I have lost my password and cannot get into my email so we will use the same account for a while, until I can get my password and email back. Yay! My book of short stories is titled Torn to Rags and Other Short Stories and is available for pre-order on Amazon. The other two stories are Street Runners and Mark and the Elk, as asbgirl12.

My first post here.

I did Marching Band like Beth did and I loved it. I may do stuff that is like hers but more likely, I will be doing administrative stuff and updates. My site Marching Band From the Field will no longer be added to or available. I did not really enjoy doing that part of it so I will do what I can here.

ASBgirl12 and reviews/analysis

Sometimes people think that review and analysis are the same thing but they are not. I do reviews on my site whereas on Beth Bayless’s site Creative Writing is a Major, she talks more about analysis. Analysis is picking something apart for the meaning and reasoning behind something. A review on the other hand is reading/watching something and going through it, giving reasons why you like it and why you don’t. A great way to show this is to look at two you tubers, MLP Silver Quill and Lilly Peet. They both look at the same content so far as MLP FIM goes but Silver Quill does reviews for the most part. He does character analysis on the main characters occasionally but not as a focus. The latter, Jerry as addressed in the videos, does analysis for a majority of their content. The three of us watch the two of them because we want to hear their opinions and see how they put things together.

Why have none of us published in a while?

Graduations and preparing for college in all of our cases. In my case in addition to that, I have only now gotten a replacement for my old laptop. Bulldoggirl is thinking about deleting her site and permanently coming over to the others as a way of looking to admin. Sorry for not posting in so long. This is asbgirl12, signing off for a while longer on here. Have fun.


I am going to set a poll up for you guys. Comment on this post with your favorite genre. The genre that comes out on top will be the genre that I write my next story in. It will begin today at the time of this posting and end on May 1st. READY……SET……GO!!!!

Hey Guys!

My class is doing blogs for a grade in Dual Credit English and we need your help and input. The sites we are doing are down below and don’t forget to check out my sites Beth Bayless’s Writing and Writing is a Major.










Synopsis options

I want to know what synopsis you guys want to see made into a story most. #1 will be revealed last. Vote in the comments with the symbol beside the synopsis


~Shadow is not just a nickname for this young man. It is a translation of his real name. Shadow is an arachlamite and so far as he knows, he is the last. Shadow struggles to fit in among humans as he searches for any others of his people. In the meantime, he is being hunted down by humans thinking he is a major threat to them as though he could destroy the entirety of the human race. What is a teenager supposed to be doing in this case? ~

(Kiny is a placeadept. They are new to this solar system and only want to find a place to stay after their home planet is destroyed. They think they found a planet with no advanced races when they landed on Earth. Then a huge ship appeared in the sky and the placeadepts were cornered. Mass slaughter leaves the placeadepts with no way to leave and leaves them on the run. Kiny is the last of his tribe out of the six who came to Earth. Will he be able to find anyone else and get away from the humans?)

$Two brothers in one body. A human boy clinging to his brother as they are experimented. The brother, Wind, takes over when it is all over. Scalenes are created by tortourous experimentation by humans. They all used to be human and now they are something else. Only one even vaugely remembers what it was like being a human. Wind and his brother travel alone, looking for their past and a pack after a fire kills Their pack. What will the two boys do? Will their story be told?$



It is March now and spring is not here where I am yet. I am still in 4 feet of snow, ice, and wind. But, what matters is would be that I am totally ready for spring. I am working on a Novella for you guys called Shroud’s in Territory. It is a science-fiction piece but it may end up being longer than Street Runners. I am running low on ideas so drop them in the comments after reading what I have next.

A vigilante is on the loose in Territory, Illinois and the cops are wondering who (or what) they are. In the shadows, a cutre by the chosen name of Shroud stands alone against the humans and other cutre who insist on breaking laws and traditions. In his search for his family’s murderers, Shroud meets Terance Brown, a drug addict who doesn’t want the drug any more. Will Shroud overcome his past with Terri at his side or will he go after the murderers, consumed by a longing for revenge?

Choose which ending you want, if you want there to be a gay couple or not, and why Shroud chose his name. I want this story to be interactive.

I am also hoping to write a few poems inbetween math tests and English papers that are coming up. Don’t forget to comment down below!

Ban of Muslims by President Trump

I understand where President Trump is coming from and I understand why so many people are divided on the subject of this post. I understand that this is another Red Crisis but with Muslims as opposed to communists. We are afraid of the bad things from one culture coming in and hurting us. We have enemies of the same religion, them being ISIS. We have had bad people attack us and they have been Muslim religion in several cases. But, not all people who are Muslims are bad people. Let me give you this anecdote; you are in a big crowd of strangers of different races and religions. What do you think of them? Do you even think about them as you make your way through the crowd? You’re likely not thinking of them in any other way than strangers you don’t know. Another anecdote would likely be easier to use. There is a group of people in a room and all of them are white. Several thousand white people have been murderers, pedofiles, rapists, so on and so forth. Do you think that all white people are bad? What if they were black? Chinese? Japanese? Amish? Catholic? Atheist? Indian? Navajo Native American? Protestant? Muslim? Is every single person of any of those specific races and religions bad? Are All of them murderers, pedofiles, rapists, or terrorists, or something else that is bad? No, they aren’t all murderers, pedofiles, rapists, or terrorists, etc. They are people. So why are we doing this?

FEAR. Fear is the driving force behind humans that is not related to food or reproduction. Fear made us run fast enough to outrun animals that could kill us back when we were still using wood clubs and living as nomads. Fear runs us today. We as a race, not just white, black, brown, red, or whatever other colors there are, the HUMAN race has fear as the driving force and that fear is what drove us to put Japanese Americans into concentration camps in World War II, threw countless innocents into a life far from their old ones, which they could never go back to. In the time of the Red Crisis, Americans were terrified that Communists would take everything away. The same thing happened during the Salem Witch Trials. It is happening again with Muslims. Americans, including the high and mighty President, are afraid of letting bad people in because it has happened before. Does that mean that we should ban people of a religion from the place they see as the land of the free? Is that reason enough to let children die in the streets because their families had nowhere to go when they tried to run away from bad things? Is that reason enough for thousands of Americans likely will be put either into concentration camps or simply sent to the middle east, where they have no clue how to go on because they were just kicked out of their homes permanently?



Please, comment what you think in the shoe box thing below and tell me what you think.