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I want to know what synopsis you guys want to see made into a story most. #1 will be revealed last. Vote in the comments with the symbol beside the synopsis


~Shadow is not just a nickname for this young man. It is a translation of his real name. Shadow is an arachlamite and so far as he knows, he is the last. Shadow struggles to fit in among humans as he searches for any others of his people. In the meantime, he is being hunted down by humans thinking he is a major threat to them as though he could destroy the entirety of the human race. What is a teenager supposed to be doing in this case? ~

(Kiny is a placeadept. They are new to this solar system and only want to find a place to stay after their home planet is destroyed. They think they found a planet with no advanced races when they landed on Earth. Then a huge ship appeared in the sky and the placeadepts were cornered. Mass slaughter leaves the placeadepts with no way to leave and leaves them on the run. Kiny is the last of his tribe out of the six who came to Earth. Will he be able to find anyone else and get away from the humans?)

$Two brothers in one body. A human boy clinging to his brother as they are experimented. The brother, Wind, takes over when it is all over. Scalenes are created by tortourous experimentation by humans. They all used to be human and now they are something else. Only one even vaugely remembers what it was like being a human. Wind and his brother travel alone, looking for their past and a pack after a fire kills Their pack. What will the two boys do? Will their story be told?$



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