It is March now and spring is not here where I am yet. I am still in 4 feet of snow, ice, and wind. But, what matters is would be that I am totally ready for spring. I am working on a Novella for you guys called Shroud’s in Territory. It is a science-fiction piece but it may end up being longer than Street Runners. I am running low on ideas so drop them in the comments after reading what I have next.

A vigilante is on the loose in Territory, Illinois and the cops are wondering who (or what) they are. In the shadows, a cutre by the chosen name of Shroud stands alone against the humans and other cutre who insist on breaking laws and traditions. In his search for his family’s murderers, Shroud meets Terance Brown, a drug addict who doesn’t want the drug any more. Will Shroud overcome his past with Terri at his side or will he go after the murderers, consumed by a longing for revenge?

Choose which ending you want, if you want there to be a gay couple or not, and why Shroud chose his name. I want this story to be interactive.

I am also hoping to write a few poems inbetween math tests and English papers that are coming up. Don’t forget to comment down below!


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