Ban of Muslims by President Trump

I understand where President Trump is coming from and I understand why so many people are divided on the subject of this post. I understand that this is another Red Crisis but with Muslims as opposed to communists. We are afraid of the bad things from one culture coming in and hurting us. We have enemies of the same religion, them being ISIS. We have had bad people attack us and they have been Muslim religion in several cases. But, not all people who are Muslims are bad people. Let me give you this anecdote; you are in a big crowd of strangers of different races and religions. What do you think of them? Do you even think about them as you make your way through the crowd? You’re likely not thinking of them in any other way than strangers you don’t know. Another anecdote would likely be easier to use. There is a group of people in a room and all of them are white. Several thousand white people have been murderers, pedofiles, rapists, so on and so forth. Do you think that all white people are bad? What if they were black? Chinese? Japanese? Amish? Catholic? Atheist? Indian? Navajo Native American? Protestant? Muslim? Is every single person of any of those specific races and religions bad? Are All of them murderers, pedofiles, rapists, or terrorists, or something else that is bad? No, they aren’t all murderers, pedofiles, rapists, or terrorists, etc. They are people. So why are we doing this?

FEAR. Fear is the driving force behind humans that is not related to food or reproduction. Fear made us run fast enough to outrun animals that could kill us back when we were still using wood clubs and living as nomads. Fear runs us today. We as a race, not just white, black, brown, red, or whatever other colors there are, the HUMAN race has fear as the driving force and that fear is what drove us to put Japanese Americans into concentration camps in World War II, threw countless innocents into a life far from their old ones, which they could never go back to. In the time of the Red Crisis, Americans were terrified that Communists would take everything away. The same thing happened during the Salem Witch Trials. It is happening again with Muslims. Americans, including the high and mighty President, are afraid of letting bad people in because it has happened before. Does that mean that we should ban people of a religion from the place they see as the land of the free? Is that reason enough to let children die in the streets because their families had nowhere to go when they tried to run away from bad things? Is that reason enough for thousands of Americans likely will be put either into concentration camps or simply sent to the middle east, where they have no clue how to go on because they were just kicked out of their homes permanently?



Please, comment what you think in the shoe box thing below and tell me what you think.


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