I walk up to the stage, my hands are sweating.

I can hear the people in the audience as they shuffle about.

I have a solo coming in the forty-fifth measure of the first song.

I am afraid to let the band down.

I sit in my chair in the front row, right in front of the judges.

I wait for the others to settle down and I do my best to stay calm but I can’t.

As the director raises his baton I begin to relax.

‘I am doing this for Mom and Dad.’ I think as I begin the first measure.

When my solo comes I don’t hesitate.

I am in my room, playing for my dog and parents.

I hit the part of the solo I always have trouble with and do it perfectly.

The rest of the concert goes by in a blur and I soon find myself with the band, waiting for the results.

My heart beats loud in my chest as we listen to the judges give their opinion.

We placed first.

I did not let them down.


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