This is a true story,

what I shall tell.

This story is of a little girl and her grandfather.

It began 9 years ago,

And has no end


The two of them were close, very close,

To one another, as close as a grandfather and granddaughter could be.

The grandfather bought his little angel bananas,

and laughed as she pointed at wondrous things.

The little girl took his wise words to heart

and held them in her heart.

When he built houses she would give him nuts, bolts, and nails,

as she did with her father.


One day,

the grandfather got sick,

very sick.

He was taken away

as the little girl cried.

Days later,

the girl’s grandmother ace to her home, crying.

The grandfather was home,

where everyone goes after their journey on Earth.

After the funeral the girl cried still.

And every December she cries still.

I know this because the girl,

Is me and I her.  


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