Let Me

I remember the day my life changed.

I was in a big town,

Going to school in a big school,

Being bullied all the time.


I slid down the wall and began to cry,

Again the bully had hurt me.

This time I was beaten to a lump of bruises .

I had gained them as I defended myself for the first time.

I did all I could to tell him to stop it,

but he  did not let me.


He never would have done it,

Never have let me be free

Never have let me fly and touch the sky

He always pulled me down

Always hurt me,

Teased me,

Pulled me from my path.


I think he and the other kids liked it

The fact that I need to be free made it all the better.

The fact I need to fly

That I need to touch the sky.

Just as he needs to do what he always does


He has moved through the ranks of bullying slowly but surely.

From teasing to name-calling

From name-calling to shoving

From shoving to hitting

From hitting to beating

It has always hurt


I prayed to The Lord,

I asked Him for help.

Even now I ask him for it

“Will you help me fly?”


I need to fly

I need to touch the sky.

I asked The Lord to let me be free,

Free of this pain forever


As I cried I heard someone coming.

It is not Him or the bully.

It is a teacher.

She kneels down at my side and asks me what is wong.

I told her it is not her problem, that other kids are.

Kids who are smarter,

Kids who don’t have disabilities.

She laughed.


“You are under my charge.” she said

“No I’m not.” I sobbed

“I am the special education teacher. Let me help you.” she said

At last I tell her my story,

I tell her about my Autism,

I tell her about the bully and other kids too.

She brushes the tears from my face and tells me something,

Something I will never forget,


She said this,

“You will be free

You will  fly and touch the sky

Never again shall the bully drag me away from my flight.”


New tears streamed from my eyes.

This time they are not from the pain.

Not at all.

They are tears of happiness.

I am free.


Now, I am doing exactly what she had done for me.

I am helping a blind boy with what I went through.

He will be free too,

And just like it is for me,

It will be better than anything he has ever felt.


The bully made me stronger,

Now I will not back down.

Now I know what pain is and how to keep it away.

I am stronger now,

Stronger than ever before

And it is the best feeling I have ever felt



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