Junior Year Track

I am a member of the Tri-Valley track and field from Cambridge, Idaho. My first year was as a freshman doing shot put, discus, long jump, and the 100 meter dash. I had to skip my sophomore year of the sport when I was in yearbook as the only photographer. My second year (a.k.a. my junior year) I did the same four events. I plan on doing them again next season as a senior.

       Yes, freshman year was hard but that was more because I was new to it and trying to find out what I liked doing. My second year has been harder overall and I think sports-wise it will be the hardest I will have faced in my high school career. It was because I had been doing PE as the only girl in the class and had sprained my ankle. The teacher was ignorant of the fact and pushed me harder each day as my limp grew from what I had already been doing. It hadn’t helped  that in basketball season I rolled it on top of the sprain and still played aggressively. Then track season came and I wanted to push myself to beat former PRs or personal records. I was doing driver’s ed at the time so I used my time at home and in PE to do the workouts my coaches and I agreed on. I am right handed, as most people are, and my injured ankle was my left. That meant in the 100-meter dash I would take my first and last steps with that foot, less on it in discus, much more in long jump, and equal weight in shot put. I put my body through as much as I could I ran further than was required. I threw longer (heck, I even took the shot put home 3/4 of the time),  and jumped more times than was required. I wanted to prove myself to my team, myself, and to prove that I could do it.

      At most of my meets my English teacher, Dr. McMichael, was there because his wife was one of our four coaches. There was one coach for jumping, one coach for throwing, one coach for running, and one for the hurdles. Dr. McMichael’s wife was the last of those four. He would always ask me if I would be make a PR at the next meet and tell me that he would  watch  me run if he could.  I made a PR at all but three of the meets that we went to that year. Most of those were in shot-put but I’m still going to count them. Dr. McMichael and the four coaches all approved of the way I pushed myself in sports and academics. The five of them together had always watch to the games I was in during basketball and as Dr. McMichael being my teacher, he watched my academics. The five of them had seen my determination and team spirit.  But, I have to admit, it was not any of my coaches or my teacher that I wanted to prove myself to. I wanted to prove myself to my team and myself. I wanted to prove that I was worthy of being on the team and having their trust. And I felt like I finally earned that when I broke my 100 meter dash PR, bringing it down from nearly Thirty Seconds to just barely more than 20 that’s a huge improvement for track. I felt accepted as my teammates checked in on me after their events were done and after I had finished my 100 meter dash.

     I never won the team medals but I felt like I had won something much better. I had that feeling that I always get after a contest or concert for band like I did my best and that I did better than expected  of me, entertaining  the people, or as in this  case, having become  worthy of my team. I felt and still feel like there was absolutely no trophy High Enough for the trust, respect, and kindness given by my teammates that I finally  felt  I had  earned.

      I guess that by my story here I wanted to show people that if you push yourself you can do what you want to do. I pushed myself to do better for my team and myself. I always will even if I end up leaving the state for college. I will always hold that trophy in the form of an indoor shot put that I was given by my coaches on The Day of the track season party and ending the season with awards and food. I was given an award for happiness and another for inspiration. I guess I was an inspiration to my team and they were my inspiration. My team is also the reason that I won that happiness aboard because they made me happy and made me feel like I was part of them. I pushed myself to my goal and the pay for it will never stop coming. Why don’t you put yourself and why do you?


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