I stick out like a sore thumb.
They hurt me for it.
For not being like them,
They hurt me.

Somebody look for me,
Somebody hear my cry,
Somebody know,
I need help
They are closing in,
Just like the darkness.

All day every day, it’s the same thing.
The pushing, the shoving, the teasing,
All the bullying.
I can’t take it!
My heart beats,
Faster and faster,
Louder and louder.
‘What will they do to me today?’

All this because I am who I am.
First comes the pushing and their laughter
Followed by the teasing and all those hurtful words.
I am so bloody,
So afraid, broken, tortured.
I am falling away piece by piece.
I am falling away.
I will never be the same.


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