A museum sits on the corner, facing Highway 95.
Brakes screech and motors run.
A café faces the museum, staring from the other side of the highway.
Semis and trucks idling on the side of the highway purr.
People shout, laugh, talk, and walk on the sidewalk.
The buildings glare, the people oblivious.
POP! A semi idles and unloads.
Whoosh! A car speeds by,
Birds sing in the sky as the traffic passes on by,
Carried by the wind.
A flag waves at the Senior Center,
Greeting the passersby with the Stars and Stripes.
A door is slammed shut and a car honks as it is locked.
And an RV cruises by.
Ding! The gas station is open,
People are strolling up and down the street.
Construction workers toil and tinker in the mid-morning warmth.
Trucks and cars idle, stop, start, and go.
Boats and houses on wheels pass on by.
A girl’s greetings echo down the street as people go up and down the streets.
Fallen autumn leaves follow the vehicles
As another wave says goodbye.
A bicyclist pedals on by, without a single word.
Human silence reigns once more.
Vehicles groan, shriek, whine, and growl on by.
The light breeze, birds, and leaves all sing.
They sing and dance in the traffic as the buildings lining the highway glare on.
Tractors and bulldozers travel side by side,
Up to Highway 71.
Greetings and partings echo along the now near-empty streets
And the song of peace reigns on.


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